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How astounding and completely terrifying. Thanks for covering this.

Feel better!

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There’s a fascinating novel exploring the potential far-reaching consequences were someone to actually invent an infallible lie detector. “The Truth Machine” by James Halperin, (1996?)

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If it makes you feel better, everything that gets tried in this area runs into the same ecological validity problem. A method gets developed on volunteers who are directed to lie in a low-stakes environment. It’s very hard to generalize beyond that. Lie detection is one of those dystopian technologies that’s always 10 years away.

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7-8 para "It turns doesn’t make sense" some elision here....

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Oops! Fixed. Thank you!

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The truth is that innocent people "fail" the polygraph for reasons other than lying. No one should ever be discriminated against or punished based solely on their polygraph "results." To do so is immoral.



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I didn't know that polygraph evidence was allowed in US courts, and I used to practice law in one of the states on the list.

I never came across it, but what you often see is dueling experts on science evidence, and it seems like you've compiled a pretty good argument on one side.

Being such an expert can be an extremely lucrative gig. Just sayin'. ;)

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