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fyi Milgram's studies were early 60s. People often note they were conducted before the rebellious counter-culture, anti-war movement in the U.S..

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Oops! I think maybe I was confused by his big "Obedience to Authority" book having come out in (now I look it up) 1974. Fixed - thank you!

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I'm really curious to learn more about Ozempic long-term effects in the coming months and years. I have a few friends (here in the US) who were prescribed it, but then insurance said they'd stop covering it so they're gonna go off soon. Will be interesting to see if they quickly regain the weight...

Have also heard some rumblings about unexpected off-target effects on a variety of addictions/cravings and compulsions in Ozempic users, with some anecdotal reports of people finding it easier to quit smoking. Is there any high-quality research evaluating these early claims?

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